February 15, 2006

Preserve your privacy in case of emergency with Emergency Contacts

in For Parents

Emergency Contacts ID Key ChainSign up for Emergency Contacts 12 month subscription, and you’ll get a set of ID cards, key chain tags, pet tags, and stickers that have your own personal ID number on them.  Through their website, you enter in all your contact information and critical medical information for every member of your family.  In the event of an emergency or when your child or pet gets lost and is found by others, just call Emergency Contact’s toll free number on the ID tags.  EmergencyContact’s team will immediately contact you whereever you are so you can take your next steps.  Unlike other ID tags, Emergency Contacts national emergency information system preserves your family’s privacy, and helps you feel more secure when safeguarding your loved ones.

Emergency Contacts ID Kit and Yearly Subscription   |  $35

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