October 20, 2011

Shareagift Helps Friends Pool Money Together for Dream Gifts

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Shareagift.com Tour from Shareagift.com on Vimeo.

When it was my wife’s birthday last month, many friends and family called me to ask “What does she want?”  While having “insider” information is helpful, it’s harder to give the answer when you know some things may be out of your friends’ budgets.  For instance, I’m sure an iPad is on many people’s gift list, but starting at $500, it’s out of range for many people just to buy for themselves.  What if you could easily pool your friends together to buy that iPad?

Well, now there’s Shareagift, a new website that helps you organize and invite friends to contribute towards one great gift for a friend rather than get a plethora of smaller gifts purchased just out of obligation to give something.  The best part is that Shareagift makes it easy to collect the money, so as the organizer you’re not fronting the money and then hoping that everyone remembers to pay you back later.

“We are changing the way people buy gifts,” said Shareagift founder Angelli. “In this economic era, everyone is tired of waste. Instead of giving a token gift the recipient may not like, Shareagift allows groups of friends to easily pool their hard-earned money and put it towards that one great gift the person really does want, whether it’s a watch, a trip, a painting, absolutely anything.”

As a free service, give Shareagift a try (a small fee is taken out for using Paypal to handle the collections.) It’s definitely more fun to see your friends get that dream gift they were wishing for rather than another blouse, tie, or token toy for the kids. Shareagift makes it easier to make wishes come true through the power of group gifting.

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