June 2, 2006

Courtney Skott's Cloud Bed – one of a kind!

in Furniture

Cloud Bed by Courtney Skott

Furniture designer, Courtney Skott, has created a one-of-a-kind modern day canopy bed named the Cloud Bed.  Ms. Skott was inspired by Ming-Dynasty era Chinese canopy beds that created a separate intimate space within a room.  The canopy design was derived from photographs of clouds she took on a vacation to Patagonia.  Made by hand from laminated stacked plywood for her Senior Thesis at California College of Arts, the bed took about a month of planning and modelling, and then a month and a half of 16-20 hour days to build.

We think this bed just might find a place into one lucky girl’s bedroom at the lucky dad’s price of $18,000.  See the making of the Cloud Bed at Flickr.

Link:  Courtney Skott website 

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