March 17, 2008

10 Grain Playhouse Design Competition

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10 Grain Competition

Do you know what your kids would want for their perfect playhouse?  What would it look like?  Would it be big or small?  Made of cardboard, tin foil, or maybe snow?

10 Grain and Coochicoos is having a Perfect Playhouse Design Competition to find out how children would design their perfect playhouse.  Ask your child ‘what’s your perfect playhouse" and let them present their designs in any way  or in any medium they want.  We have two age categories – six and under and ages 7-12.  Deadline for submittals is April 25, 2008.  Winners and notable entries will be published here on Coochicoos with prizes to the top three entries in each category.

For more information, download our Playhouse Competition Details (PDF) or visit

Prize Update:  For the 6 year and under winner, the prize will be a 10 Grain Softy Table and Pop Stick Chair set (a $420 value), and for the 7-12 year old category, the prize will be a Boon Trio Animal Bag (a $100 value).

Contest Prizes

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