January 7, 2008

Car & Caboodle Targets Mommy and Daddy Car Lovers

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Car & Caboodle

Today, Coochicoos launches a new sister site called Car
& Caboodle
and invites you to join the conversation about the family
car. When many of our Coochicoos’
readers talk about buying their first minivan and call it a compromise, there
is definitely an unmet need in today’s automotive marketplace.

Can today’s parents stay hip without settling for the minivan?  The answer is yes.

New crossover vehicle designs and more family-oriented
automotive accessories are reaching the marketplace. We’ll cover the beloved (and dreaded) minivan and many other car choices too.  We’ll also be talking
about third-row legroom, car seat capacity, in-car entertainment, trunk space, family road trips, and much more.

Welcome to Car & Caboodle – Life in the family lane.

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