July 25, 2007

Stork Arrives at Coochicoos

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Our New Baby Girl

Last Friday on July 20, the stork paid a visit to our house and blessed us with a beautiful baby girl.  Of course, sleep patterns have been disrupted, and we are looking to establish new ryhthms to our daily lives.  After coming home on Sunday, Tuesday brought us a curve when we had to re-admit Samantha to NICU for some phototherapy treatment for her jaundice.  Needless to say, return to normalcy is a bit longer on the horizon.  We were happy to report that she is responding well to her treatment, and will hopefully be home for the weekend.

So what does this mean for Coochicoos?

First, as a father of a 17-year old son, having a baby girl will bring a new perspective to my life.  Since we opted not to find out our baby's sex, my wife's nine-month long wish was for a baby girl just so I could experience the beautiful differences of raising a daughter and push me outside my comfort zone.  In the past, I just didn't connect with girly girl stuff, so you didn't see much of it on Coochicoos.  And now with my eye out for cool things for my daughter, you'll likely see more "girly" stuff featured.  So, I have a feeling my wife will be right about me becoming a different parent, and Coochicoos will change a bit too.

Second, I need some sleep, and I've been slow on new posts.  So, hang in there with us for a fresh new perspective when we return with a more regular schedule next week.

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