November 10, 2008

11 Organizing Tips for Kid's Room

in Nursery Design

Kid's Room Design via HGTV

HGTV asks “Is Fisher-Price taking over your home?”  Here are their 11 tips for organizing your kid’s rooms.

  1. Choose beautiful furniture that doubles as storage.
  2. Go for stationary storage that’s safe for kids.
  3. Themed rooms make for fun storage.
  4. Share your room with your kids, but don’t let them take over.
  5. Be friendly to the environment.
  6. Incorporate storage into room themes.
  7. Divide the space with portable storage closets.
  8. Bay windows are just asking for bench storage.
  9. Think ahead with multi-function furniture.
  10. Take off the closet door for easy access.
  11. Create separate and communal areas to contain clutter between siblings.

View HGTV’s slide show with designer examples of each organizing tip.

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