September 8, 2007

A Science Lab for a Nursery

in Nursery Design

edison2.jpgEngineers Paul and Pam Costa took three well-planned steps in welcoming their new baby boy into their lives.  First, they named their son Edison – an uncommon historically-linked creative name that was also easy to remember.  Second, to match the name Edison, they designed a nursery with a science theme complete with a bare vintage-style light bulb, chalk scribbled science formulas, and back-lit laboratory beakers.  For their finishing touch, Paul had found an original Cray-1 computer on eBay after years of searching, and turned into a seating area in one corner of the nursery.

edison3.jpgFrom inventor name, to themed design, to supercomputer furniture, Edison has one cool nursery.

Resources: Crib and changer by Nurseryworks

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