February 14, 2007

Color Inspirations for Painting Your Nursery

in Nursery Design

Modern Nursery Design Color Palettes

Is this you?  Standing in front of the paint display at Home Depot or your local paint shop, and feeling completely overwhelmed by the vast color selection.  Where do you start?

Well, Colour Lovers is a website we use regularly to inspire us when creating website color palettes.  We totally missed that it's also a great resource for helping parents choose their nursery room colors.  Or color schemes for baby showers invites, birthday party decorations, and much more.  What were we thinking that this color site was just limited to web design?!!  Thanks to AT Nursery for reminding us that Colour Lovers is a great online color resource for modern parents   and their wide range of design needs.

link:  Colour Lovers


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