June 23, 2007

From Around the Mommy Blogs – June 23

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Boston Mamas: Lifeguard on Duty
For an extra line of sun defense, check Cabana Life's breezy, beachy 50+ UV protection clothing for boys, girls, and women.

Celebrity Moms: Jennifer Garner on Her Insecurities and Beauty Routine
Jennifer Garner may be an A-List celebrity mom, but she still has her insecurities 

Clever Parents: The Intuitive Cook – What’s for Dinner? Quick & Healthy One-Pot Meals
One-pot meals can be the solution to quick and easy cooking when no one really has the time to cook.

MomFinds: Baby Bathtime Fun Guide
Get your little one squeaky clean and squealing with delight with these fun bathtub essentials for comfort and safety, colorful towels to stave off the shivers and water toys sure to entertain. 

One Chic Mama: Birthdays Can Be Fun Again
Birthdays Without Pressure offers up suggestions to simplify birthday celebrations 

The Stylish Child: Angelina Jolie Shares Her Jeans Style with Zahara
Angelina Jolie is one stylish mom and now she's passing her favorite jean style down to daughter Zahara

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