September 7, 2007

From Around the Mommy Blogs – Sept 7

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Babyfaces Photo of the Week

Summer’s over and all that’s left are great memories

Boston Mamas: Back to School with Allergies

Great allergy resources for families; useful to
check out if your child has allergies, or in the likely case that one
of your child’s peers does:

Classy Mommy: Charming Personalized Bracelets for Mom, Grandma, and Toddlers!

The Two Sisters Jewelry Boutique has charming
and trendy bracelets that can be personalized for baby, toddlers, moms
an grandmas.

Clever Parents TV: Fit By Sara, Two Clever Games & Record Your Baby’s Stories

Clever Parents loves Beyond Learning’s Word Chase and Number Hunt games.

Healthy Bump: Must-have Accessory for Expectant and New Moms

Brilliant colors, amazing designs, and
exceptional quality describe the collection of handbags, totes,
cosmetic cases, and evening bags designed by Maria Argyropoulos.

MomFinds: Win a Lexie Barnes Diaper Bag!

The first Lexie Barnes Diaper Bag giveaway was
so successful, we’re doing it again. This time, leave a comment for a
chance to win a fabulous Duchess Backpack.

Moms’ Buzz: Tips and FAQ on Proper Use of Your Child’s Bookpack

Proper use of a book pack promotes a healthy
back and avoids injuries at a young age! Get the tips and FAQ on Proper
Use of Your Child’s Bookpack.

One Chic Mama: In Celebration of Mothers Everywhere

One Chic Mama will soon begin featuring chic
mamas each week, sharing their style, their grace and their tips for
keeping it all together.

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