April 7, 2007

From Around the Mom Blogs – April 7

in Quick Picks

Babyfaces – Photo of the Week
How funny to see that the primping and preening starts early!

Boston Mamas: Potty Peace of Mind
An impressively compact and affordable travel potty that provides peace of mind in germy public restrooms

Celebrity Baby Blog Reviews: Do you hear the buzzing of the new spring Bumble Bags?
Already a popular brand with celebrity moms, Bumble Bags introduces their Toddler Changing Kit and new patterns for spring. 

Celebrity Baby Blog: Stealing Bridget Moynahan's Look, Forty Weeks Style
Pregnant Bridget Moynahan glowed on the Martha Stewart Show, wearing a Diane Von Furstenberg sleeveless wrap dress. Here's how you can steal Bridget's style (and save some money)! 

Celebrity Moms: Tobey Maguire Talks About the Lessons of His Childhood
Tobey Maguire opens up about his turbulent childhood and the lessons it taught him as a father 

Classy Mommy Reviews "Momzillas"
Bring on the Mom Lit! Classy Mommy previews Momzillas – written by Jill Kargman, best-selling co-author of "The Right Address". This book is fabulous! You will not be disappointed.

Clever Parents: Clutter Busting – Got the Shoes Blues?
A step by step guide on what to do with all those shoes you have and how to make room for the ones you've been eyeing up… 

MamaPop: Fergie PWND
Alanis Morrisette's hilarious cover of the Black Eyed Peas singer's hit 

One Chic Mama: High Style for Medical ID tags
Fashionable Medical ID Bracelets & Necklaces 

SheFindsMom April Showers Week
Stylish raingear for the entire family

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