October 8, 2007

From Around the Mom Blogs – October 8

in Halloween, Quick Picks

Babyfaces Photo of the Week

Remember how small they were?

Boston Mamas: “Blue House” artwork giveaway

Stop on by to enter to win the vibrant 8″ x 10″ giclee reproduction “Blue House”

Classy Mommy: Our Favorite Pre-School Plush Backpack

Check it out! We love this brand new Frog Backpack made by the North American Bear Company.

Clever Parents: Aeromax Dress-Up Gear Lasts Through Halloween and Beyond

You may notice that around the age of three
your child starts dressing-up and taking on roles like the fire
fighter, the mailman, the doctor and the astronaut.

Healthy Bump: Slurp & Burp – Answer to Feeding in Public

Feeding your baby in public has never been easier with the help of Slurp & Burp

MomFinds: Dream Nursery Guide

Discover the latest trends in sleek, modern, beautiful nursery furnishings. 

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