September 25, 2007

From Around the Mom Blogs – September 25

in Quick Picks

Boston Mamas: Practical Wisdom for Parents

Parents of kids under 5 who fear, are on the
brink of, or feel trapped in the over-parenting frenzy must read this
new book from childcare veterans Nancy Schulman and Ellen Birnbaum.

Clever Parents: Jacob’s Cure: Promoting Research & Raising Awareness for Canavan Disease

Canavan Disease is a devastating genetic brain
disorder that prevents myelin, also know as white matter, from forming
in the brain.

Healthy Bump: The Plush Pad

The Plush Pad from Ah Goo Baby, LLC is the Rolls Royce of portable diaper changing pads.

MomFinds: Win a Tiny Love Tropic Isle Activity Mat for Baby

Guaranteed to “take baby away” for hours of
tropical back-lyin’ and tummy time fun, this activity mat gives mom
time to do something equally exciting – like unload the dishwasher.
Leave a comment for a chance to win.

Moms Buzz: How Do I Know if My Child Has a Cold or An Allergy?

Learn the differences between an allergy and a
cold. Moms’ Buzz Buzz put together this simple table that shows those
differences. Download it or print it to keep it handy!

One Chic Mama: Celebrate Chic Mamas!

This is the start of a regular feature where we bring you pictures and style tips from chic mamas on the street!

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