August 26, 2007

From Around the Mommy Blogs – August 26

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  • Boston Mamas: Get Clean

    The amazing Get Clean Starter Kit includes
    everything you need to get your house spruced in an eco-minded,
    efficient, and economical manner.

  • Classy Mommy: Kid Kustoms $2500 Luxury Stroller!

    Check out this unbelievable and totally
    luxurious stroller from KID KUSTOMS that can be rigged up with just
    about everything your heart desires.Just a few of the lavish features
    include: DVD entertainment system, iPod dock, Bluetooth with speaker
    phone and multifunction computerized display to start.

  • Clever Parents TV: Craft Kits for Kids, Host a Puppy Party & Handling Insects that Bite

    Let’s face it, coming up with craft projects
    can be a hassle. Watch this episode of Clever Parents TV for
    pre-packaged craft kits for kids ages 18 months to 11, tips for hosting
    a puppy party and learning to live with things that bite (and no, we’re
    not talking about that pesky two year old next door).

  • Healthy Bump: Summer Skin Tips

    The heat is on and Alice Koskas, owner of The
    Lounge Spa in Culver City, CA answered some questions about pregnancy
    and skincare to help you get through the rest of the summer.

  • MomFinds Back to School Guide

    Find the best backpacks, coolest lunch boxes and sharpest pencil cases for your kid.

  • One Chic Mama: Babies Like Costumes Too!

    A clever Halloween costume and sling in one!

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