January 21, 2010

Share Family Photos and Videos Easily via Pogoplug

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If you’re wary of uploading your family photos onto Facebook, Flickr, or any other public social site, then take a look at Pogoplug.  This device lets you store your family videos and photos on a hard drive in your own home and share them easily online with only those you want share with.  What’s more is Pogoplug lets you access your files from anywhere in the world via your laptop or desktop.

I love the idea about storing all my files on a hard drive  in my home or office, and saving the time to upload them to a website or online backup service.

Find out more at the Pogoplug website.  At just $129, you might like this alternative too.

We haven’t tested the Pogoplug yet – so we’d love to hear reviews from readers who are using it.

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