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Memolio – Compact Photo Albums in Print and Online

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Love these new compact photo albums by Memolio.

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Quick Picks

Friday Fun: Spelling with Flickr

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Spell any word or name with alphabet letters found in Flickr photos

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What Will Your Halloween Cake Look Like?

Halloween Ghost Cake

Get inspired for your extravagant Halloween party with these amazing Halloween cake designs.

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Photographer Spotlight: Alison Garnett

Take some time today to enjoy the photography of Alison Garnett.  I love the composition of her images without feeling like her subjects have been posed.  I guess that’s a great challenge for me – to take photos of my…

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Pumpkin Carving Design Inspirations

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Stuck on how to carve your Halloween pumpkin?  Get inspired for this year’s Halloween pumpkin carving by checking out Flickr member SoundsGood’s top 25 favorite pumpkin carving designs. Not enough?  Then there’s 1200 more jack o’lantern design inspirations here.Read more:…

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