August 30, 2011

Run The Most Popular French Cafe in Your Neighborhood

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Play Pretend in a French Cafe

Somewhere there are lots of little girls that will love playing in this cardboard French cafe playhouse by Little Play Spaces. What started as a rainy day project for Kate Fagelman and her daughter, turned into a popular neighborhood play spot for her friends.  Using her art production background, Kate began working on refined cardboard prototype, and now French cafe is available for all kids to run their own pretend cafe.  Made from recycled cardboard, ships flat, and folds flat for easy storage, what’s not to love?!

From the outside, the café has a traditional French feel – the door and window awnings are red and white-striped, but there is also a potential narrative to the scene – who does the bicycle propped against the wall belong to and what about Fifi the French poodle? The chalkboard works like a real chalkboard and there is a street sign with ‘Rue de’ ready to be personalized. There is also an open/closed sign with French translation.

On the inside, two pop-out cardboard units serve as either shelves or a partial cupboard, (depending on which way they are inserted into the door post). Kids can learn a little French with the illustrated Frenchtable menu which details typical café items: fromage, pain, glacé, café, thé, gâteau, lait, pomme frites and sucre. Also along the top awning is a peep hole for parents enabling a clear view of the activities inside the café!

Perfect for children in love with pretend play, order French Cafe ($79 plus shipping) directly from Little Play Spaces online.

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