February 20, 2006

Brian Taylor's Rustboy Vinyl Doll Collectible by Android 8

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Brian Taylor's Rustboy Vinyl Doll

Although Brian Taylor’s Rustboy vinyl doll is not for everyone, we also know that there are lots of toy collectors among today’s dads.  "The appeal of designer vinyl figures is that they are made in small runs, usually between 500-2,000 units," says Android 8’s owner Glen Liberman.  Android 8 is the exclusive manufucturer and distributor of Rustboy, the lead character of a short film by Brian Taylor.  For the toy collector, only 1,000 Rustboy figures was made – 850 in silver finish and 150 in bronze/copper finish.  Considering Taylor is in the deal-making phase of making Rustboy as a feature film, Liberman adds that "these figures will go up in value" when a deal is done.  Good selling point for dads looking to add to their toy collections in the name of their children.

Brian Taylor’s Rustboy Vinyl Doll  |   $50 at Android 8

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