February 24, 2006

The Modern Playshed: pre-fab trend hits the children’s market

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If pre-fab housing is the rage for the Dwell Magazine crowd, then it was only a matter of time that it migrated to the children's market.  Architect Ryan Gray Smith (also a parent) has collaborated with Velocity Art and Design to bring the Modern Playshed to backyards of trendy parents.  

"Details: The Modern Playshed standard version arrives in the unfinished form as pictured to the left, without the optional deck.  Full range of accessories to customize your own Modern Playshed, including: indoor/outdoor colorful plastic panels, white-board panels, cork panels, chalkboard panels, finished birch panels, and colorful floor tiles.

"The Modern Playshed is pre-fabricated and requires simple assembly. Basic tools required: power drill, level, hammer, tape measure, small wrench, utility knife (optional), caulk gun (optional for sealing windows or attaching optional floor tiles)

"A foundation is not required for the Modern Playshed. A simple level surface is all that is required. A level bed of gravel is recommended for the best surface to place your Playshed."

No downpayment or loan payments are required.  Just some good ole' fashioned elbow grease. 

Modern Playshed  |  $2,995 from Velocity Art and Design

Customized Modern Playshed

The Modern Playshed is completely customizeable.  Can you see a Modern Playshed decorating contest in the future?  I think we can.

Available exclusively at Velocity Art and Design. [via DesignSponge]

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