January 9, 2006

The Frog Pod – a favorite bath storage organizer with multiple functions

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The well-designed Frog Pod, by Boon Inc., is a bestselling bath storage/organizer because it’s almost like a bath toy.  It stores, it scoops, and it drains.  Kids love playing with its draining scoop, and parents love it because it helps collect and store all the other bath toys easily.  Plus there’s a place to store soap and shampoo, and the Frog Pod’s fingers and toes lets you hang stuff out of the way.

The Frog Pod  |  $30 at Sparkability

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Kids will play with the the detachable scoop, but you’ll love the fast way to collect all the loose toys.


Easy rinse. 


Then stash it all away, with a place for shampoo and soap too.


Frog Pod is available online from Sparkability.


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