April 17, 2006

Reconnect with the world via Bugaboo Daytrips

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Barcelona Bugaboo Daytrip Map

Bugaboo knows that becoming parents means the likely probability of losing touch with the adult world–that’s why they created Bugaboo Daytrips to help parents reconnect with the world.  With Bugaboo Daytrips, parents can download a growing collection of free daytrip routes for cities around the world that are tailored to parents and children.  Each city is carefully scouted by parents for fun and inspiring things to do. 

Daytrip maps have been created for many major metropolitan cities including London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, with Boston, Toronto, Miami and Milan, Dublin, Barcelono, and Amsterdam.  The great thing about these maps is their inspirational reminder for today’s modern and mobile parents to continue their adventure seeking ways that may have been lost after becoming parents.  An example of some of the places featured on Daytrip maps include celeb shopping spot Kitson in Los Angeles, the Tate Museum in London, La Rambla in Barcelona, and the Artis Zoon in Amsterdam.

site: Bugaboo Daytrips 

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