November 14, 2007

Taking a Family Holiday in Paris

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Christmas Holiday in Paris

From the Nov/Dec 2007 issue of AAA’s Westways magazine, I came across a story about an American family from Los Angeles who decided to take their two children, ages six and eight, to Paris for the holidays.  Since the trip was planned a year before, an unexpected pregnancy during the year had them also taking their two-month old newborn with them.  If you ever had doubts of traveling to Europe with young children, and especially a newborn, I’m sure you can be encouraged by writer Richard Slayton’s family travel experience.  While the couple missed out on the romantic dream vacation that Paris promises lovers, I think that watching your children play hide-and-seek in Rodin’s sculpture garden or spending Christmas Eve Mass holding their hands in Notre Dame is an experience you’d cherish for a long time.

So where will you go this holiday season?  Having kids is no reason to stay home, is it?

Read the full story:  Love Is All Around (via Westways Magazine)

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