June 6, 2007

A Modern Architectural Gem is Born in Kansas City

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Bloch Building at Nelson-Atkins [Time Magazine]

Time Magazine says that the new Bloch addition "at the Nelson-Atkins could make Steven Holl an architectural superstar", and from these photos they may have a case.  If you happen to be in Kansas City, as a resident or tourist, then pay a visit because I believe exposing young minds to great architecture affects them in powerful and emotional ways unlike any other creative expression.  One can only imagine the possibilities that could be born from a visit to the Nelson-Atkins.

Bloch Building by architect Steven Holl [Time Magazine]

Coochicoos readers – tell us your memorable experiences when visiting great architectural spaces with your children.

Light at the Museum [Time]  |  Nelson-Atkins Bloch Building Slideshow

images via Time Magazine

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