December 19, 2010

Giving the Gift of Travel to Your Teenagers

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Illustration via the LA Times

Beyond the iPads and other must-have gadgets, maybe giving the gift of travel tops it all for our older children.  And whether for your own teenagers, or a niece or nephew, I love the idea of giving the gift of travel to a high school or college student.  Here’s six valuable learning experiences one writer remembers from his early travels as a teenager.

As parents struggle to find just the right gift for their children this holiday season, let me make a suggestion: I’d give the gift of independence.

In this age of “helicopter parenting” — our unceasing hovering over our children — it’s not always easy to instill in them the joy of independence and its corollary, self-reliance. Do we really want them to leave us behind and embark on some other journey, separate from our care?


Read “The Gift of Travel: Priceless” via The Los Angeles Times.

Illustration: LA Times

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